Quality Management System Certification: The company has passed GB/T19001-2016 IDT ISO 9001-2015 standard quality management system certification.

Environmental Management System Certification: The company has passed GB/T 2401-2016/ISO14001-2015 standard environmental management system certification.

37S on-site management method: the company adopts 7S daily on-site management: 7S (sorting, consolidation, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety, economy)

Four visual management methods: visual signals as the basic means, and openness as the basic principle, as far as possible the requirements and intentions of managers are visible to everyone, in order to promote visible management, self-management, self-control. (Method: 1. Red card; 2. Kanban; 3. Signal lamp; 4. Operation flow chart; 5. Reverse teaching materials; 6. Special prompt board; 7. Area line; 8. Respect line, etc.).

Five powerful EPR systems: accurate data; fast response; fast service; improve efficiency; reduce waste.

Six strong core teams: 23 years of industry experience of chief engineer; 13 years of industry experience of deputy engineer; 26 years of industry experience of quality engineer; 10 years of industry experience of production engineer; 16 years of industry experience of electromechanical engineer.

Seven advanced inspection equipment: 1. Agilent 7820A gas chromatograph; 2. Agilent Cary 660 RTIR infrared spectrometer; 3. Agilent Cary 610 infrared microscopy; 4. HP4278A capacitance meter; 5. CHY-U capacitance film thickness detector; 6. LSK-Q12 capacitor pin tension bending torsion tester; 7. ZNC-11 non- Linear resistance DC parameter tester; 8.ZOV-03B short-band varistor automatic tester; 9.Taiwan Huayi 7450/7440 AC withstand voltage tester; 10.Taiwan Huayi 8205 insulation tester; 11.Taiwan Huayi ESA-150A seven-in-one comprehensive safety and regulation analyzer; 12.Euro-American LS-609 laser particle size analyzer; 13.Japan Sanfeng MDC-MX digital display micrometer.

8 Reliability Laboratory: 1. BTC-E482 Capacitor Aging Test; 2. AG-HW-225 Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test; 3. AN-YW-200 Salt Spray Test; 4. Safety Rule (XY) -5630C Capacitor Durability Test; 5. Safety Rule (XY) -5601A/B Capacitor Pulse Voltage Test; 6. Safety Rule (XY) -5615B Capacitor Spontaneous Combustibility Test; 7. Varistor 8/20 KA Shock Generator; 8. Varistor 12KV/6KA combined wave generator.