Manufacturing Method of Thin Film Thermistor

2019-09-27  4082

Quanwei High Technology

The process is easy to create, the connection of thermistor is more reliable, and the disturbance of conductor resistance is less, which makes the measurement precision of the sensor blunt parts greatly improved, and can ensure that the parts are used in humid, water and other conditions under the temperature sensing environment, accurate measurement induction. The manufacturing method of Quanwei high-tech thin film thermistor belongs to the field of high-tech micro-electromechanical piecemeal (MEMS). This method is to deposit a layer of donor layer on the silicon steel sheet; spin-coat PI prepolymer on it to form PI film by thermal curing; spin-coat photoresist after photoetching patterning, sputter the required non-metallic thermosensitive film layer; use peeling method to lose the pattern of thermosensitive film layer; and then rotate photoresist and photoetch patterning. Silver plating was used to form an electrically bonded nonmetallic layer; after de-gluing, the thermistor could stop thermal solution; initially, a poly-xylene shield layer was accumulated to remove the donor layer and lose the flexible film resistance array.